Consider buying a set of tickets to a sporting event that you and all of your groomsmen would enjoy together for some time after your honeymoon.

A group sporting event is always fun, and this sends the added message to your bros that you will not forget about them once you are hitched.

Many newly married husbands struggle with balancing their new marriage and their old friendships. This would be a good healthy step toward achieving that balance.


gifts for groomsmen scorzie

gifts for groomsmen scorzie

If all of your groomsmen have similar interests, then shopping for their gifts is a little bit easier.

If all of your groomsmen are sports fans, then shopping for them is super easy with this cool groomsmen gift idea.

The Scorzie looks like you average drink koozie but with a twist.

The top of the koozie comes equipped with score keeping dials in red and blue, so that your buddies can keep up with who is winning while keeping their drinks cool too.  You can get the Scorzie on this website 

Leather Travel Kit



If you are hoping to give your groomsmen a gift they will actually use and probably need, this is the perfect choice.

Most men are not even aware of how much they need a good, quality travel bag until the night before a trip.

You can rest assured that a handsome, manly, leather travel bag will be one groomsmen gift that will not wind up in the garage somewhere.

You can add monogramed initials to this gift for an extra touch.  This great gift for your groomsmen will run you $50 on this website.

Customized Derp Glasses



These whimsical glasses put a great, lighthearted, personalized spin on groomsmen gift giving.

Each glass can be customized not only with your groomsmen’s names or nicknames, but also with a drawing representing their personal characters.

Go ahead and poke a little fun at your best friends. These glasses are a good option if you are wanting to give gifts you think your groomsmen will actually use at some point in the future, and a set of 7 can be had for around $100 here.




Sunglasses make for one of the best gifts for your groomsmen.

Everyone always needs an extra pair of sunglasses, but don’t want to pay the extra money.

You could go with a high end pair of Raybans Wayfarers for about $90 a pop, but if you want to spend a few extra dollars, but if you want to save a few bucks you can get these Rayban knock offs for $30.

These will also make for awesome pictures when all your groomsmen have them on.

Weekend Trip



Scout around thru friends and family and see if anyone has a cabin or condo that you could use near a lake in the mountains.

If all else fails, borrow a tent. Purchase a fishing license for each man in your bridal party.

For presentation there are several options – purchase a small fishing creel and put the pass and other cool groomsmen gifts inside; a fishing lure, a pocket knife, a camera, a canned beverage, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, granola bars or other munchies.

Put tissue inside the creel and include the items of your choice. Have fun with it. For a less expensive version – place the items in a box and tie it off with a masculine bow with a fishing lure hanging from it.

You could also box the creel in a gift box to keep the element of surprise. Again, capture the fun with camera and frame a picture for your friend’s man-cave or desk.

Pocket Knives



There has never been man on earth that does not love knives.

A good pocket knife can be a friend for life. Consider purchasing your groomsmen attractive, quality pocket knives.

Many retailers will give you an engraving option on pocket knives. An initial engraving is always a classy touch.

You might want to engrave the date of your wedding and then your buddies can always remind you not to forget your anniversary!

You can get this awesome knife for $30 here.

Shaving Kit or Shoeshine Kit



You would be surprised how many men do not actually own a quality shaving or shoeshine kit.

Again this is a gift that men do not realize they actually need.

A good quality kit will last for years and get great use.

You would rather your groomsmen gifts be of practical use than wind up in the bottom of someone’s underwear drawer, right?

You can get this shaving kit for a little over $30 on Amazon.

Keepsake Boxes



A beautiful wooden keepsake box can be a wonderful groomsmen gift.

Engraving your groomsmen’s initials on the box can add a timeless touch.

At the risk of sounding too cheesy, you could consider engraving a short message on the inside of the box to each groomsman.

A wedding is a perfect, socially acceptable opportunity for guys who are usually not too vocal about their emotions to open up and share with their closest friends how much they actually mean to them.  You can find this one on Etsy for $130.